Equipment Links

Items in PINK are compulsory / essential and others optional but recommended.


1) Club Training Leotard - See the Uniform link under your program or click here for Recreational and here for Competitive & Performance

Competitive & Performance Gymnasts will need at least one leotard for each day that they train during the week.  When they are ready to compete they will also need a competition leotard so its worth budgeting for that as they can be more expensive than the training leotards.


2) Chalk: Gymnasts should bring their own chalk for bars training.  Chalk is essential for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics but also helpful for other disciplines as they all use the bars for strength work.  It is also great for combating clammy palms and feet for tumbling and can help with acrobatic grips. 


3) Handguards / Grips: From September 2016 it will be compulsory for ALL Women’s Artistic Gymnasts to use handguards for bar training (also known as ‘grips’).  This will be in effect for the Squad (meaning from Grade 4 upwards) but is also recommended for younger gymnasts in Development who are serious about bar work.  Handgaurds not only provide some protection from blisters, they also aid grip, control and allow for longer bar training sessions thus can improve performance.  We are recommending the HOTSHOT guard as it is slightly narrower than others.  The link to the left takes you to the homepage so choose PRODUCTS / WOMENS NARROW DOWEL / HOTSHOT LADIES

Chin up bar

A little note about Palm Guards.  Beginners Palm Guard can be useful if younger gymansts tend to get sore hands as they provide a little protection, however, they do not aid grip or control so if the gymnast is serious about bar work it is often better to just go straight into the Hand Guard and get them used to that.  Handguards / palm guards are NOT compulsory for Development Groups.

4) Chin Up Bar: Gymnasts in all competitive Disciplines are expected to be able to perform basic strength exercises on bars such as chin ups and leg lifts.  For some this will come easily but most will benefit from more regular practice.  A Chin up bar is the perfect way to do this at home.  Check out what you’re lokking for using the link but its also worth looking about for the best deals as prices vary.


5)  Paralettes / Pedestals:  Levers and Strangth holds are essential part of Competitive and Performance Gymnastics training.  Whatever the discipline, gymnasts should master and maintain these and can benefit from practice at home.  Paralettes are used in the Women’s Artistic Grading System for Range and Conditioning but these can also be used for other disciplines.  For Acrobatic Tops a set of pedestalls is essential as they allow the gymnast to grip in a similar way as they do their partners hands.  Again, it’s worth looking about for the best deals online.

Kit Bag

6) Kit Bag:  A good kit bag is essential to keep your bits and peices in.  There are lots of mass-produced ones our there but why not go for something a little more unique?  Crafts by GG makes a range of kit bags that are lightweight, washable and durable.  You can choose something from the site or have a custom order using your choice of fabric, including gymnastics prints, and even have it personalised with you initials or name.  Have a look at the website and eitehr email with your requirements or come and speak to Glenys at Training. 

RESISTANCE BANDS 1resistance bands 2

7) Resistance bands:  We are making increasing use of resistance bands and loops in training and some of the exercises can be fun to do at home.  In addition, resistance bands are incredibly useful to have when you need to improve core strength of a joint after injury or to correct a weakness.  Under supervision children can use these to build strength and mobility in a fun way.  There are two kinds of bands - the traditional light-weight ones made form latex or PVC and then ones that are advertised as ‘pull up’ bands.  We ahve both in the gym so have a chat with your gymnast and see what they would find most useful.  Once you know what you want, look around fo rthe best prices.


8) Hand Balm:  Handguards or not, Artistic Gymnastics will at some point or another get a blister, or find their hands are sore.  Be prepared by having  this treatment in the cupboard!


9) Floor Beam:  Not just for Artistic Gymnasts!  These floor beams are an excellent buy for anyone who wants to imporve their balance and awareness.  These are the same ones we have at the Club and they are extrememly hard wearing and versatile.  Connect two or three together for traveling beam skills.


10) Swiss Ball: You know that piece of kit we have all used at some time or another in a fitness class or yoga session?  The ‘craze’ may have passed but its still a fantastic piece of kit for helping to develop core stability and strength.  These come in a variety of sizes and you can even get ones which are not much larger than a football which can be used for a great many challenges so you dont have to have a bouncy alien hanging around the house if you dont want to!