Stay up to date - TIPS!

DONT MISS A THING thumb1Here are a few tips to keeping up to date with AGC you may not be aware of...

1) CALENDARS - Under the EVENTS/DATES menu on this site you can view the club calendars.  These include all important dates, Term Dates and re-enrolment deadlines.   If you choose the ‘Agenda’ view it gives you a list of all the events for that month.

2) EVENT PAGES - All upcoming events will have a dedicated page which can be found under the EVENTS/DATES menu so if you think you’ve missed something, have a look there!

3) Links from the Home page:  The graphics on the home page are all hyperlinked to the sections of the website they mention - so one click takes you the the information you need

3) The CLASSES/PROGRAMS menu: Under this menu you can find most of the information you need about each program including uniform etc.

4) Facebook & Instagram

To stay up to date with Alton Gymnastics Club, you can ‘Like’ our Page:

If you or your child are a member please apply to join the Members Group here:
(this is a closed group for members and parents at the club)

We also have an instagram page for Members and parents of members: