Re-enrolment Deadline Approaching!


If you are part of our Recreational Gymnastics Program (Core Academy or GFA) you will need to re-enrol for each term by the deadlines… make sure you check your emails for your gymnasts individual Achievements record and follow all instructions on how to re-enrol (these are also on this site uner the JOIN/ENROL menu)… We have an extensive waiting list at the moment which makes it more crucial than ever that our existing members re-enrol by the Deadline…

Re-enrol for the Spring Term by 1st December

Re-enrol for the Summer Term by 1st April

Re-enrol for the Autumn Term by 1st July*

Payment requests will be sent AFTER each re-enrolment deadline to all those who have re-enrolled.  Payments are to be made withing 14 days of the payment request.

* Although this deadline has changed for Administration reasons a little longer will be allowed for Fees Payment for the Autumn Term due to the Summer Holidays as we know many people will be going away on vacation.