Club Kit...

Club Kit

We have a great supplier who produces some fantastic Warm up kit including T-shirts, Hoodies and also our new 2017 Club Tracksuits… All have the AGC Logo embroidered on the front and various prints on the back, with longsleeved items also having print down the arm for a really striking effect!

Hoodie NavySkyHoodie SapphireHeather

To order, simply use the online form below.

We are aiming for a 2 - 4 week turn around (depending on when orders are placed and how much demand there is).  When your order is placed with the supplier we will add the payment to you Club Contact account so that you can have it all paid by the time your items are ready!

Club Tshirthoodie Hawaiian

Hoodies: £25 (£30 with name)

Club T-shirts: £12

Squad T-shirts: £13 (choose from: Artistic, Acrobatic, Development, Floor & Vault)

Club Tracksuit Top: £25

Club Tracksuit Trousers: £20

NEW for November 2017...

Holdall with Logo & name: Introductory Price*: £23

Backpack with Logo & name: Introductory Price*: £15

*Introductory prices apply for orders recieved up to and including 15th November 2017 (Regular Prices wil be -  Holdall: £25  Backpack: £17)

Please note: Club Leotards are kept in stock and are available to purchase at class (£26)