Women’s Artistic Grades

The Women’s Artisic Grades Season got going just after the Christmas break with the Practice Grades competition, hosted at home by Alton Gymnastics Club.  We played host to several other local clubs who brought gymnasts ranging from Grade 6 to Grade 2 to compete for medals and to get an idea of how they were progressing toward the county event.

Grade 5 2016Grade 4 2016 Grade 2 2016Grade 6 & 3 2016

Several of our girls placed on the Podium at this freindly event and all gained marks that suggested they would be successful at the couty grades.

A few more weeks of intense work ensued before the Hamspshire County Grades…

The weekend of the 5th and 6th of march was set to be a busy one!

Grades 5 and 4 competed on Saturday afternoon and evening.  From Alton we had a 100% pass rate with our Grade 5 gymnasts all acheiving Commended  and our Grade 4 gymnast coming away with a Distinction.

Sunday was a long day with gymnasts from Alton competing in all rounds for grades 6, 3 and 2.

Grade 6 2016

Again, all of the girls passed their respective grades.  At Grade 6, the very first WA Grade we entered 7 gymnasts all of whom passed with Commendation except one who passed with Distinction!  Grades 3 and 2 saw another 100% pass rate with one pass, three commendations and another Disctinction.

This was a record year for Alton in terms of entries - we entered 16 gymnasts across the grades, more than ever before in one year,  Having that many gymnasts and gaining a 100% pass rate is a great achievement for the gymnasts and coaches.

The Artistic Girls are now busy starting work on their next Grade and some will also be working toward the Voluntary Age group levels in July.

Well done Women’s Artistic!!!