What a Wonderful Weekend! 30th November 2014

Sunday the 30th November saw us putting on a full day of events to include the Women’s Artistic Practice Grades invitational AND the Club Championships.  A long day but so worth it!


Kicking off the morning was the Women’s Artistics event, with over 60 entries from Alton, Fox, Hart, Aspire, Basingstoke and Rushmoor Gymnastics Clubs.  Gymnasts were competing to get an idea of where they are in terms of their next grading event which is due to take place in February/March next year.

The Alton girls showed that they are on the right track towards another successul year, with many acheiving a pass mark or near pass mark at this stage… as well as collecting a substantial number of the medal posititons at the event.  The challenge now for the Artistic Squads and Development groups is to really work into those routines and drill until everything counts!  Looking forward to seeing these girls in action again next year at the County Grades!

DSC 7561


The afternoon’s events got off to a bit of a late start but thanks to everyones patience and a great team of volunteers we managed to keep it all going and eventually caught up (sort of!).

The Club Championships saw another 60+ Gymnasts competing in 10 different categories with an age range of 6 - 17.

The Core Academy Competition (Stages 1 - 4) went off with no significant errors with the gymnasts all remembering their routines and showing some really high quality to boot.

In the GFA Advanced events, we saw the gymnasts going head to head on Tumble, Trampette and Trampette vault, performing a total of 6 runs each.  The competition was marked soley on execution and gymnasts were competing for the Chapionship title iin the hope  Girls, Boys and Teens categories.  We saw some fantastic work and some very close competitions making it anyones title right up until the final runs!

The Acrobatic/Team squads, mini squads and development competed in peer groups.  Again competing on Tumble, Trampette and Trampette vault and being scored on execution alone, the gymnasts had a level playing field in which the less experience gymnasts could happily go up against those with a little more training under their belts.  All the gymnasts proved they were capable of some great individual work and did themselves proud.

DSC 7810

Photographs from the event are available to view and purchase online courtesy of our volunteer in-house photographer, Simon Hodgson.  The link to the galleries is: http://www.photoboxgallery.com/simonhodgsonphotography 

To obtain the password, please email us so we can verify your identity.  Attendees at the event should have also recieved an email containing the password.