Summer Sizzler 2016

Summer Sizzler Collage
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Photo Credit: Simon Hodgson

Our Annual Gymnastics Display went ahead on 2nd July 2016 and what an absolute treat!  All of the gymnasts contrituted to a particularly AWESOME show!

This years Display was subtitled “Welcome to the Jungle (and other Exotic places)” and took the audience on a journey through jungle, dessert and island paradise.

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This event is ALWAYS SPECIAL and the gymnasts performances this year were particulalry commendable.   Fantastic demonstrations of skill right across the Club and including all Programs from Recreational Gymnasts our Competitive & Performance Groups.

This years display showed a rising standard across the club in general and it was clear that our efforts to reach the aim of having more gymansts working at higher levels within the various programs has been a success!  We are so encouraged by this and it has strengthened our resolve to continue review, tweaking and monitoring our programs to make sure we are offering the best we can.

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Many thanks go to EVERYONE who helped out at this years Display.  We really couldnt do it without you!