Southern Region Acrobatic Championships

photo 2

November 2015

Our Acrobatic Grade 2 Women’s Pair went for Gold and got it at the recent 2015 Southern Region Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships!

After a few tweaks to the routine since July and a lot of practice, Josephine and Maria proved that they have what it takes to gain a winning score in both execution and artistry, leading to a Gold medal at their first Regional Championships.  With 5 other pairs competing for the title in the Regional tier, the competition was tough.  All of the pairs put out great routines, the high standard expected for this event and it was a real challenge for them all.  Our girls knocked out the best performance we have seen yet, showing that attention to detail and focus is everything… the winning performance can be seen below!

Congratualtions to our 2015 Regional Grade 2 Women’s Pair Champions!