Great RESULTS at the Hawth Teams Level 6 & 5!

Alton gymnasts had an exciting day at the much anticipated Hawth Team Gym and Micro Team event on Sunday 10th May.  This competition saw some of our youngest Team Gym gymnasts getting their first taste of competition outside the club, Full Teams entering for the first time on Floor and some personal targets being put to the test.  This was also the first time we took Boys teams who are not on the Development or Squad program to an event outside the club.

The competition was split into Level 6 and Level 5, with different age categories in each with the rules are different depending on both the Level and the age of the team.

Micro Teams

Micro Teams competed on Tumble, Trampette and Trampette vault.

Alton Mini Micro Girls put out clean routines and went on to take the Silver medal in the Mini Level 6 event.   This was a brilliant acheivement for a young team who have been plagued with illness over the past few weeks.  They really pulled it together on the day, doing themselves and their coaches proud! 

The Boys Mini Micro A also competed at Level 6 and came a very respectable 6th after a few organisational errors led to deductions.  Made up of gymnasts who are not on the development pathway, these lads did a great job remembering all their runs and dealing well with unexpected events as they occurred.

Our Boys Youth Level 6 team, which was made up of gymnasts who train just once per week, put out some outstanding routines, showing not only skill but maturity and leadership.  This Team conducted themselves exceptionally and were the most ’together’ of the teams in terms of supporting each other and working as a unit.   The team came away with Bronze in the Youth category and can be very proud of themselves!

Alton Boys Mini Level 5 were upgraded into the Youth section after putting out Pike Somersaults on trampette … They had proved they could do these just a few weeks back and we decided to put them in, completely forgetting that they weren’t allowed at Mini level!  Bit of an oops by the coach but the result was that they placed 4th just a few tenths of a point away from Bronze and in an age group above them which was absolutely brilliant! This Team really proved themselves in terms of skill and are showing good potential for the future.

Team Gym

Mini Level 6 Girls

The final round of the day was the Full Teams Event.  As well as competing on Tumble, Trampette and Trampette Vault they also had to perform a group Floor routine, co-ordinating all the skills and choreography with precise formations and performance elements.  It was a real challenge but one that both our Teams rose to very well.

The Mini Level 6 Girls Team have also been significantly affected by illness in the run up to this event but have shown they have what it takes to pull it out on the day.  After bringing their floor routine up from ‘okay' to 'pretty darn good!' over the past week or so, they came away with Bronze medals and big smiles!  Some of the performances were delightful and certainly brought a smile to the coaches faces for all the right reasons!

Our Youth Level 5 Team faced some of their biggest challenges to date.  For some it was their first event outside the club, and many of them had difficulty levels they were putting out for the first time so there were personal goals to balance with the team effort.  They have also really pushed themselves to learn a complex floor routine which ended up scoring the highest in the Level 5 category overall so they can be very pleased with that!  A fall and a run out on Trampette brought the score down a bit but we have only praise for the gymnast who made a very quick and correct decision to run out ensuring that the gymnast in front was safe and the gymnast behind could complete her vault.  Amazing quick reactions to bring the best possible result after seeing the a fall!  This team also took home a Gold medal to add to their growing collection!

One of the things that makes Team Gym so exciting is the element of unpredicabilty, working with others and having to make decisions based on milliseconds of time… it’s a real rush being a coach for these events too!  It’s wonderful to watch the children coming together as a team and even when things dont always go as planned I’m impressed by how some of the kids deal with it.  That’s all part of the valuable learning curve and challenge of gymnastics!

Massive congratulations to all who competed and huge thanks to the Coaches who have worked with them and supported them through the event.

Thank you also to Hawth Gymnastics for providing another extremely good event (those guys have these things absolutley nailed!)

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