Acrobatic Open - MK Springers

July 2015

Two Alton Acrobatic Pairs competed at the MK Springers Open Acrobatic Competition in Milton Keynes on 28th June 2015.

Grade 2 Women’s Pair

Maria and Josepnine put on a fabulous performance in the Grade 2 Women’s Pair category. The pair came 5th over all with some really close results.  This was the girls first competition in this disicpline ans they stood proud against other seasoned competitors, proving they have the potential to really make their mark in acrobatics.  The girls will now begin preparations for the Southern Region Championships in November.

Grade 4 Women’s Pair

Ellie and Amy stepped out for their first competition at Grade 4 Women’s Pairs.  Performing a routine that was a bit more ‘fun’ than previous routines the girls showed off their versatility and style.  The content at this new grade is more risky and complex but they managed to dot all the ‘i’s’ and cross all the ’T’s’! Bringing home a gold medal with scores which balance nicely with their results last year at Grade 3, the pair have shown they have the strentght and balance needed for this new level.