New Members

Participation is by enrolment only.  Please use the information on this website to help choose your class. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Before proceeding, please look under the CLASSES/PROGRAMS menu to gain an understanding of our programs and choose the most appropriate class for your child.  You will also find Timetables and fees under that menu.

New member enquiries need to be sent to the specifically assigned email address: (enquiries sent via the generic address may not be dealt with efficiently)

WAITING LIST: How we do it…

Please note that due to high demand, waiting times are between 1 and 3 terms.

Offers will go out by email within the 14 days AFTER the Re-enrolment deadline for existing members each term.  

Re-enrolment deadlines for existing members are fixed as follows unless you are informed otherwise:

For the Autumn Term: 16th July.  For the Spring Term: 1st December.  For the Summer Term: 1st April

Offers must be accepted by the acceptance deadline in the offer email (usually 7 days from the email).  Acceptance of the place is usually by a short form, the link to which is in the offer email.  A new round of offers will be sent out if any of the first round of offers are not accepted or declined.

If we do not recieve a response from you within 14 days of your offer, your details will be removed from the waiting list and records.

On the odd occasion there are one or two places still not filled as the term is about to start, due to people not responding or declining late on.  In this situation, the places need to be filled quickly and therefore we make phonecalls and the first person that answers and says they can accept the place will be offered it.

Due to data processing legislation, we remove details from the waiting list if you decline a place unless you give explicit request for us to keep you on the list for another term.

The waiting list application form for New Members is an online form which is at the bottom of this page.

How to get on the WAITING LIST...

1) Complete and SUBMIT the online Application Form...

Please complete all sections and return and make sure you click Submit and see the confirmation page. 

2) WAIT to be offered a place and follow the instructions in the email...

Priority is given to existing members until the end of the previous term so you may have to wait until then to find out if we have a place for you.  Our waiting lists are adminstered at set points throughout the year so if there are no spaces at the time you submitt your application you may not hear from us until the next round of re-enrolments has passed.  Deadlines for exisitng members are usually 1st December, 1st April and 1st August.  Therefore you can expect to hear from us within 14 days of those dates if we have a space for you.  Current waiting times are between 1 and 3 terms.

3) ACCEPT the place using the link you are sent and PAY the term Fees by the stated deadline (usually within 7 days of confirmation) to secure your place

If you do not accept the place and pay the term Fees to secure your place as directed in your Confirmation email, you may loose the place to someone else who is waiting.  If your offer expires we will send you an email to tell you this and your application will be removed from the waiting list.   The confirmation email will contain all of the information you need to accept, decline or defer your offer as well as links to essential information on this website.

Important information before completing your application:

  • It is important that one of your choice of days you is a day that we run the class that you want so you must refer to the Timetable.  If both of your ‘Day’ selections are for days that we do not run the appropriate class, your application will be rejected.
  • When enroling in a class at Alton Gymnastics Club, you are agreeing to follow the club rules.  Please ensure that you have read and are familiar with the rules and any relevant policies and can adhere to them before applying.
  • We do not currently offer trial sessions as our waiting lists are extremely long.  However, there is a cancellation procedure for New Members which is explained when we offer you a place.
  • If we do not recieve a response from you when we offer you a place, your application will be removed.  This is to comply with data storage and processing legislation.
  • PLEASE ENSURE YOU ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CAREFULLY.  We can take no responsibility for emails that do not reach you, please make and email address that your email client recognises as safe.

APPLICATION FORM… Please ensure you click submit at the end of the form.