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Please see the information under the CLASSES Menu for details of our programs including Timetables and Fees.

AVAILABILITY UPDATE: We do not have any availability information at the moment. After each re-enrolment deadline all available places will be offered to those on the waiting list.


Applications are generally dealt with in date order according to when we receive them.  However, if you have declined an offer of a place or have not responded to an offer in the past, you will now have to re-apply as our lists are so long.

Please read on to know what to expect after you submit your application...

New Members:

Please note that due to high demand, waiting times are between 1 and 3 terms.

Offers will go out by email within the 14 days AFTER the Re-enrolment deadline for existing members each term.

Offers must be accepted by the acceptance deadline in the offer email (usually 7 days from the email).  A new round of offers will be sent out if any of the first round of offers are not accepted.

If we do not recieve a response from you within 14 days of your offer, your details will be removed from the waiting list and records.

On the odd occasion there are one or two places still not filled as the term is about to start, due to people not responding or declining late on.  In this situation, the places need to be filled quickly and therefore we make phonecalls and the first person that answers and says they can accept the place will be offered it.

Existing Members:

Re-enrolments for exisitng members must be made ONLINE via the Re-enrolment form.  Please go to the JOIN/ENROL menu and choose ‘Existing Members re-enrolment’ where you will find everything you need.

Re-enrolment letters are emailed to ALL members parents using the email address you gave us.  This includes gymnasts individual achievements report which also states the recommended class for the coming term.  If you have not recieved or have mislaid this letter, and you don’t know what class your child should enrol on please contact us by email (but please do check you own email and junk accounts first just incase!)

There are strict deadlines for re-enrolment which are the same every year.  Please go to the Join/Enrol Menu and choose “Existing Members Re-enrolment” for more details.

If you wish to change to a different day, you can do so at re-enrolment time simply by selecting the day you want provided the class is the same as the one recommended on your latest achievements report.