British Gymnastics Membership

From October 2017, members are required to register with British Gymnastics before participating in classes or training.  Gymnasts must be registered with British Gymnastics and the Membership fee paid by the 3rd week of attending and then renewed every year at the start of October.  THIS IS NOW THE RESPONSIBILITY OF PARENTS.

Please note that in line with British Gymnastics Policy rules, anyone not registered with British Gymnastics by the 12th October (or for new Members by the 3rd class they attend) will not be allowed to participate in classes or training until the registration is complete.

If you have any problems with the new system, the British Gymnastics Customer Service team will be available to assist.

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Registration with British Gymnastics - NEW SYSTEM from October 2017

British Gymnastics Regsitration is open from October 1st 2017.  From this date, gymnasts (or their parents if they are under 16) will be able to sign up for an online account with British Gymnastics.

Parents will need to first enter their details and then the names, dates of birth and a few other bits of information about each child.

The system requires you to answer some questions about your childs participation in gymnastics so that they can recommend the correct level of membership for each child.  If the recommended level of membership is not what you expected, you can edit it however, it is worth checking back that you have answered the questions correctly.

All Gymnasts will be given a leaflet with the details that apply to them.  However, you can also use the flowchart below to help you answer these questions…

Alton Gymnastics Club have also requested that British Gymnastics collect some additional data from you which we require for the Club.  We have taken this option in the hope that it will remove the need for us to get you to re-submit a paper form each year to check and update your details and hopefully cut dowon on your admin as well as ours.   Rest assured that this information is for Club use only as it has always been.

All Members should receive a membership pack from the British Gymnastics Association.  If you haven’t received your pack within 3 months of registering, please contact British Gymnastics to let them know..

What is British Gymnastics Membership?

This membership is compulsory for all gymnasts as it includes insurance and therefore is essential for participation in gymnastics at any British Gymnastics registered club.  In order to adhere to the policies set out by the BGA and to maintain our ClubMark and GymMark status, new members need to be registered with the association within 3 weeks of commencing participation.

Minimum Memberhsip for Alton Gymnastics Club is BRONZE Membership

Gymnasts on NDP Development or Competitve Performance Programs must have SILVER Membership

Your British Gymnastics Membership covers you for participation in all British Gymnastics registered Clubs and activities up to the level of your membership, provided you are linked on the BG system with all clubs you attend.

For More Information about the various benefits associated with British Gymnastics Membership please go to