Term Fees - GfA Core Academy, Intermediate, Advanced, & Mixed

Please note that ALL gymnasts must be registered as Members of British Gymnastics at the beginning of October. From September 2017, members will need to register with British Gymnastics themselves.  For more information and prices please see the Annual Membership Page.

Without BG Membership, gymnasts cannot participate in classes as per the British Gymnastics Policy.


Please note that due to the changes in how you register with British Gymnastics and pay for your Annual Membership, our term fees have changed as of September 2017 but we now offer a small discount on term fees for families with more than one child at the club.

We don’t like increasing our charges but we are also unsure about how our hall-hire charges will be affected by the new management at the Sports Centre so I have had to be very careful to try to avoid any potential losses.

The difference in what each family will pay will be no more than £3 - £5 per year.


Fees are for a full term which is between 10 and 12 weeks and must be paid in advance by the fees payment due date.

Payment should be made via Club Contact - we will add payment requests to your account after the re-enrolment deadline.

Fees coming in any later than 7 days after the payment due-date will be charged at the Post-deadline rate.

Term Fees

MyClub Fees: MyClub is a non-structured informal program for gymnasts in School Year 10 and older. Each ticket allows up to a 1.5 hour session to stay for a longer session please check with the coach.  Please note that tickets are only valid for the term they are issued in.

MyClub Fees