GFA Teens - MYClub (14 years +)


MYClub is a program specifically aimed at Gymnasts of all abilities aged 14 years+.  The sessions are not necesarily structured in the same way as the Academies and the gymnasts are encouraged to set their own goals, with Coaches on hand to offer advise, provide resources and motivation.

Many gymnasts choose to work toward the Core Proficiency or Advanced Proficiency Awards during their MYClub sessions and enjoy doing so alongside their piers regardless of ability or experience.  Others choose to work on Freestyle skills or focus on acrobatic or tumbling skills.

MYClub is an ideal program for gymnasts taking GCSE PE using gymnastics as one of their sports and want additional practise time and input.

A big advantage of the MyClub Program is the fees structure.  We recognise that during the last two years of school and throughout college it can be difficult to commit to a regular class on a specific day and that exams and other things can often get in the way.  To help with this, the MyClub fees are structured so that you pay for a smaller number of session tickets which can be used over the term. You can start with 6 tickets and purchase more if you wish to or you can pay as you go.

MyClub fees are shown under Recreational Fees.

GfA MyClub Sessions are included in the GfA Timetable … the sessions you are allowed to attend are marked with the letters “MC”.  Some of these sessions are run alongside structured classes and you may be expected to join in with one of the groups whereas others may be more like an open gym session - please check with the coaches before hand.

EVENTS: The events open to Gymnasts on a Mixed-Ability program will depend on their individual level.  Home events are usually open to all members with Away events being for those who have reached Advanced level.