GFA Mixed Ability

Suitable for:

  • Gymnasts aged 10+ who have some experience but wish to focus on specific areas of gymnastics rather than follow the Core Academy program (which covers all apparatus).  This is particularly popular with Boys who would like to focus on tumbling and rebound.
  • Gymnasts who are in secondary school who have reached Stage 4 or equivalent level on Floor & Rebound and would rather focus on specific areas of gymnastics using a system that will take them up to Advanced level on one or two disciplines rather than completing the Core Academy.
  • MyClub Members (School year 10 and older)

Please check the timetable for specific classes / sessions.

Gymnasts will generally work alongside their peers in Intermediate or Advanced programs, following a system of progression similar to the Pathway modules but at a modified level to bring them up to Intermediate standard in the areas they choose to focus on.  The coaching and content of the class is driven by the individual interests of the participants with the coach offering guidance for the achievement of their goals.


There is no standard assessment on this class, however gymnasts will be able to track their progress using the Progression system and by the skills they have acquired.  Those who wish to be assessed against the Proficiency Awards should choose an appropriate Core Academy Class or request a private session in order to perform the assessment.

EVENTS:  The events open to Gymnasts on a Mixed-Ability program will depend on their individual level.  Home events are usually open to all members with Away events being for those who have reached Advanced level.