GFA Micro Teams Competitions

Micro Teams is a great format for competition whereby the gymnasts compete in Teams of 3 - 5 gymnasts on Tumble, Vault and Trampette.

Gymnasts can enter at Level 6 or Level 5 in a variety of age groups making this a really inclusive discipline and ideal for those who havent competed outside the club before.  It is also the only discipline that allows gymnasts to compete on Trampette and to use the Trampette with the vault.

Gymnasts wishig to take part in a GFA Micro Teams competition will initially be asked to attend a try-out session  to establish the most appropriate level for them to enter at and to group the children into teams.

They will have their tumbles, trampette work and vault work set out for them to practise in their normal sessions.   

There will then be a number of additional sessions that the gymnasts will be required to atend in the run up to the event in order to pull the team together.  Sometimes these will be in the school holidays and will incur additional charges.  Please always check the specific Event Information before signing up.

Please note that Gymnasts will be required to show a strong commitment for a minimum of 12 weeks on the run up to any competition or event.

There are several events around the country across the year but we usually attend Hawth Gymnastics at the K2 in Crawley who hold their competition in early May.