GFA Floor & Vault Competitions

NEW For 2017/18 !!!

British Gymnastics GFA Floor and Vault competitions have grown in number and popularity and we are now pleased to be able to offer this as an option to our advanced gymnasts.

There are various levels, each with a maximum number of training hours allowed and gymnasts will need to show that they can perform at the approprite level of difficulty for each level.

Gymnasts wishing to take part in a GFA Floor and Vault competition will initially be asked to attend a try-out session and then private consultation to establish the most appropriate level for them to enter at.  They will have their work set out for them to practise in their normal sessions which will include all the elements they need to perfect for their floor routine.   

Gymnasts who are eligible to enter at Bronze, Silver or Gold level will need a floor routine to music.  Floor Routine Choreography is an additional service and should be done outside of normal training hours.  Their is an additional charge for the construction and teaching of a floor routine which the coach in charge of the event preparation will tell you about as well as how to book and arrange this.

In the run up to an event, there may be additional sessions the gymnasts will need to attend in order to prepare for the event.  Sometimes these will be in the school holidays and will incur additional charges.  Please always check the specific Event Information before signing up.

Please note that Gymnasts will be required to show a strong commitment for a minimum of 12 weeks on the run up to any competition or event.

We are currently reviewing the GFA Floor and Vault competitions available in the Region and will advertise at the earliest opportuinity the next event we will be entering.