GfA Advanced Competitions & Performance

AWAY Events… The exciting thing about entering the GFA Advanced Program is that Gymnasts can become eligible to compete outside the club in British Gymnastics GFA Competions and Events…  Participation in these competitions is entirely optional and gymnasts are invited and selected on an event by event basis.  This means that Gymnasts always have the choice whether to commit to training toward an event or to simply continue developing their skills.

GFA Competitions and Events

British Gymnastics continue to develop the Gymnastics for All program which involves a range of competition and event opportunities for gymnasts on non-elite pathways to participate outside their clubs.  At Alton we offer these opportunities as they arise where we have gymnasts or groups of gymnasts who may qualify for them.  The events are fun, challenging and provide a great atmosphere with a great mix of competition and fun.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to link to more information on AWAY events.

Team Gym involves performing gymnastics skills in groups of 6 to 12 gymnasts simultaneously or in quick succession one after the other.  Team Gym is performed on Floor, Trampette/Trampette Vault and Tumbling.

Micro Teams can have just 3 to 6 members and compete on the Trampette/Trampette Vault and Tumbling only.  Micro Teams may be made up of Team Gym Squad members or for gymnasts who do not quite meet the requirements for the Squad there is also a Micro Teams option within the Recreational Program.

Acrobatic 6’s are groups of 6 gymnasts of different sizes (and usually different age categories) who perform acrobatic skills within a routine usually at NDP Grade 2 level.

Floor & Vault - Gymnasts perform indiviudally on Floor and Vault according to the GfA Floor and Vault rules.  Various levels are available starting at White, Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

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Summer Sizzler Gymnastics Display

Each year we put on a Gymnastics Display involving gymnasts from across the club. Participation is voluntary.

Club Championships


We hold our annual Club Championships in the Autumn Term.  Opportunities are open to all members with competitions divided into categories to give everyone a chance to compete at an appropriate level.  Participation is voluntary.

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