GfA Advanced Academy

GfA stands for Gymnastics for All and our Advanced Academy is the place to be for Gymnasts who are ready to move on to more advanced gymnastics skills.

The GfA Advanced Academy is suitable for gymnasts who have graduated from STAGE 4 of our Core Academy and completed the Intermediate Program.

If you are aged 12 or above, have not followed the Core Proficiency Schemes but have some existing skills and/or experience you may wish to consider the Advanced Academy - please ask for an assessment session if you would like to do this.


From September 2017 we are switching to a new Pathway Modules / Individual Goals based system for our Advanced Academy.  This means that the old Bronze, Silver and Gold system will no longer be used as a basis for the classes or as a measure of progression.  We are making this switch for a variety of reasons but the the main one being that we want to allow gymnasts to undertand their progression towards specific skills more clearly and ensure they are motivated to practising the most appropriate elements and exercises to help them acheive their goals.

With an increasing number of gymnasts now reaching the Advanced Academy we feel it is the right time to shake up the way we do things and try to develop the program with the individual in mind.

The BG Advanced Proficiency awards have served us well up until now but we have felt for some time that we wanted a system that flowed more for the gymnasts and coaches and was more closely linked to the progression of individual skills.  In addition to this, very few Advanced members have purchased the certificates and badges over the years so we have ascertained that at this level the gymnasts do become more focused on skill progression rather than achieving a pre-set award.  Assessment for the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards WILL still be available to those who want it but it will not be part of the main structure of the Advanced Program.

So what exactly IS the Pathway Modules System?

It is a system whereby the gymnasts can see each skill they are working on clearly broken down into steps of progression and see where they are in terms of achieveing it.  (This is different to the traditional Award Schemes which seem to the gymnasts to be a random collection of exercises or activities.)

Each Skill will be shown as a series of Modules… showing the exercises to be practised at each level of progression.  Rather than performing an exercise simply for assessment to have it ‘checked off’, the modules will provide the basis for the training with the gymnast being encouraged to perform  repetitions over a period of time in order to get the most of each progression before moving on when they are ready.  This is the sort of practise required for advanced gymnastics and something we often refer to as “drills”.  The other advantage to this is that the gymnast can see that s/he can move back to a previous module for a while any time s/he needs a refresher of technique or a little extra work on a particular area.

Gymnasts will be able to see where they are in their progression toward a particular skill and then when they achieve that skill they will be able to move onto a new module.

The Modules will be grouped in familiar Categories such as Floor, Trampette, Bars, Beam, Tumbling, Vaulting.

Gymnasts will have a booklet for each category they choose (could be all of them, could be just a few of them).  Within that, they will also be able to choose which skills they want to focus on.  The booklets will help them and the coaches keep track of where they are as well as help us in planning sessions to provide the best opportunities for each gymnast.

We dont have a video for our new Pathway Modules Scheme so here is the old Bronze Silver and Gold one for now!