GfA Intermediate Program

GfA stand for Gymnastics For All.  After Gymnasts have Graduated from our Core Academy they can move onto the Intermediate Program in order to prepare for the Advanced Academy.  It is worth noting that a small number of gymnasts will skip this step and move directly to the Advanced Academy, particulary older gymnasts.

The GfA Intermediate Program may also be suitable for gymnasts who have existing experience in gymnastics or have gained suitable skills or through other similar sports, particularly those who are at Secondary school.

Suitable for:

  • Girls and boys who have graduated from STAGE 4
  • Girls and boys aged 10 years upwards who have BG Core Level 1 from another class*
  • Girls and Boys aged 11 years upwards who have some experience / skills but little or no formal training*                              

* assessment is recomended before enroling on this class if coming from another club to establish similar standard or if the gymnast has acquired skills through informal practice.

Award Levels covered:

  • Intermediate Fitness
  • Intermediate Pathways: Floor Modules
  • Intermediate Pathways: Trampette Modules
  • Intermediate Pathways: Bars Modules
  • Intermediate Pathways: Beam Modules
  • Intermediate Pathways: Somersault Modules
  • Intermediate Pathways: Vaulting Modules
  • Intermediate Pathways: Tumbling Modules

Gymnasts will have a certain amount of choice as to which modules they focus on.

Our Intermediate Program is a bridging program to prepare the gymnasts for the Advanced Academy.  The Advanced Academy differs from the Core Academy in a number of ways and the gymnasts will learn news way of approaching and understanding their gymnastics in order to help them progress to more advanced skills.  Whilst some gymnasts will be ready for the Advanced Academy as soon as they have Graduated from Stage 4, the majority will benefit from the Intremediate Program to make sure they are fully ready.


Assessment for the various modules is continuous.  Gymnasts are expected to work at each progressive element for a number of weeks and show proficiency before moving onto the next steps.

To Graduate Intermediate and move onto GfA Advanced Academy: Pass Intermediate Fitness, as well as two of the other GfA Pathway Modules up to Advanced Level.  Gymnasts should demonstrate a basic understanding of the Pathway Modules scheme so that they will be able to work in the manner required for the Advanced Academy.

Other pathways:

  • GfA Mixed Ability Floor, Tumbling & Rebound