Core Academy PLUS (6-8 years)

The Core Academy PLUS offers young gymnasts the opportunity to work through the Core Proficiency Schemes more quickly by attending TWICE per week for a slightly longer session.

Gymnasts aged 6 - 8 years who are interested in taking their gymnastics down the Competitive / Performance Pathway will be advised initially to take the Core Academy PLUS program in order to reach the requirements and to get used to attending more than once per week.  However you do not have to have Competitive aspirations to take this option.

Core Academy PLUS for 6 - 8 years...

It is reccomended that gymnasts age 6 - 8 who aspire to competitive gymnastics take the CORE Academy PLUS 3 hour program.  This runs on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4.30 - 6pm and covers work from Stage 2 through Stage 4 and some Intermediate work where appropriate.

These sessions run alongside the Core Academy Classes but continue for an additional half an hour, during which time the gymnasts have the chance for additional practise as well as participation in additional Fitness and Preparation activities that are designed to improve their progress through the Core Academy and on to more advanced gymnastics.

If you are interested in the possibility of a place in our Development Program for your child you should start them in Academy PLUS between the ages of 5 and 6 years.  Gymnastics is an early specialisation sport and therefore the more children do when they are in their younger years, the more chance they will achieve their full potential.  For more information about the Development program and Competitive Squads please see the “Competitive and Performance Gymnastics” section under the CLASSES heading on this website.

Pathways after Core Academy PLUS for 6-8 years...

Gymnasts may be offered a trial period in one of our Development Programs if they are participating in Core Academy PLUS however it is not in a anyway garuanteed.  Individual coaches may suggest this option however parents are usually expected to request for their child to be considered for such a trial period with the Development Program.  If you are offered a trial with the Development Program you can accept it by selecting the appropriate option on the online re-enrolment form. We highly recommend that you check the entry requirements and if possible discuss this with your childs coach before requesting a trial.  Unfortunately we cannot accept children who do not meet the criteria for Development Program Trials without specific recommendation from a coach.  This is very important in ensuring that children are not put under undue pressure to perform at a level they are not ready for (both in terms of gymnastics skill and personality).

At some point between the gymnasts 8th and 9th birthday parents should discuss the available options whether it be continuing in the same program, taking a trial period on a development program or moving into a recreational class specific to the gymnasts current level.  Coaches will be happy to advise and guide you through this process.

Additional training for ALL ages...

Gymnasts of any age may enrol on 2 classes per week within the GfA Core Academy at an appropriate level if they want to progress more quickly.  This is a good option for gymnasts age 8 or 9 or older who are interested in developing more quickly within the sport or who may be interested in Compettive Gymnastics in the form of Acrobatics, British Gymnastics GfA Competitions or who would simply like to progress to the GfA Advanced program more quickly.