Selection for Squads and Development Programs

Each Competitive/Performance program now has a clear set of entry requirements.  These can be found on the page relating to the specific program/discipline.

In order to be considered for our Development Program, gymnasts will also usually be expected to have attended the Core Academy PLUS program for at least one term.

Selection for our Competitive Gymnastics and Development programs begins with the childs desire to come to gymnastics more than once per week.

Though coaches may offer suggestions and recommendations, requests for consideration on a Development or Squad Program must come from the parent of the gymnast as the desire to train is a very important factor.  Your coach may point have directed you to this page to read about our competitive programs but it is up to you to take the next step.

For consideration for a place on a Development program or Squad, please email us at the address on the Contact page so we can advise you of available places and arrange an assessment.

If you have already been offered a trial period with one of our Competitive & Performance Programs you will need to accept this officially in order to retain the place - to do this, you need to use the current ONLINE RE-ENROLMENT form which has an option for this.  If the form is not open, please contact us directly and we will give you further instructions.

It is essential that gymnasts genuinely want to train more and work hard, without that motivation it is not possible to build a competitive / performance gymnast at any level.

If your gymnast does not yet meet the entry requirements but is strongly committed, please do come and talk to us so we can advise you on the best way to proceed.

Before attending requesting an assessment or trial period with a Squad or development program you should ensure you know what is involved in the discipline(s) you are applying for and that you are willing to commit to the training hours that are required. Gymnasts must be able to commit to the training program in full (leaving early / arriving late or regularly missing one per week is not an option).

Following an initial assessment you may be offered a Trial with one of our Competitive & Performance Programs.  Trial periods are usually 3 or 4 months and fees for this are payable in advance for the whole period. The offer of a trial needs to be taken up immediately (places cannot be deferred).  The Trial period is as much a trial for you and your gymnast to see if you can commit to and benefit from the training as it is for us to assess performance and response to coaching.  At the end of the Trial, gymnasts will either be accepted into the program and begin working toward competitve gymnastics, offered a further trial period if a definitive decision is not possible or you may be offered an alternative pathway.

Places in our Development programs are reviewed every 4 months and parents are asked to be repsectful if coaches raise concerns about a gymnasts progress or attendance on the program.  We aim to act in the best interest of the child which sometimes means offering an alternative pathway if the required standards or the committment are not able to be met.

If you are offered a Trial in a Squad, Mini-Squad or Development Program:

  • You should re-enrol your child on the program you have been offered. You MUST do this by the deadline (or if the deadline has already passed when you get your offer, within 7 days of the offer).  There is an option for these Trials on the recreational online Re-enrolment form.
  • You should talk to your child about what the trial means in a way that you feel is most appropriate.  There may be targets they are required to meet within the timeframe but the focus will be on their effort and response to coaching.  A high standard of behaviour is expected and necessary for competitive gymnastics and development.
  • You should read all of the information available about the particular gymnastics discipline you have been offered as well as the documents relating to Training for Competition and Competition Guidelines and all other information on the Competitive & Performance Program page of this website. 
  • You should ensure that your child maintains a good attendance record throughout the term and please inform their coach if they cannot attend a training session for any reason.
  • You should let us know if your child is uphappy or does not want to continue with the program.  Although we cannot refund fees, we will do what we can to help you transfer back to a suitable recreational program.
  • You may be given your childs coaches telephone number in case there is a need for direct contact.  Please observe the club guidelines regarding communications (available in Club Rules/Policies).  Please do not give coaches numbers to anyone else who is not a member of the same squad or program without express permission from the coach.