Floor & Vault

Our Floor & Vault Squad is aimed at providing opportunities for those who have particular level of skills to compete in Floor & Vault events either at the higher levels of GfA Competitions or at friendly Floor and Vault events outside the club.

Floor and Vault Gymnasts may also work toward Club Grades in Tumbling or be invited to be part of a Team for a Micro-Team, Team-Gym or 6’s Competition.

The Floor & Vault Squad is open to both Boys and Girls.

Floor and Vault Training at Alton

Floor & Vault Training Hours: 5.5 to 7 hours per week

Please also see the Training Schedules page for Competitive & Performance Gymnastics.

Entry Requirements for Floor and Vault Squad

  • Gymnasts must have minimum of Round off-flic-back somersault (tucked) on tumble with good technique.
  • Gymnasts should have a good comand of the basics on floor and show that they can achieve high level content
  • Gymnasts must be able to perform a Handspring over the competition vault using the springboard
  • Ideally gymnasts will have completed at least one term attended two GFA Classes for one term and have already competed in a number of competition outside the club.

Places on the program are offered based on individual merit and available space.

Please read the more detailed information about selection for the Squad and Development Programs HERE