Gymnastics Classes and Programs

At Alton we offer two main paths: Recreational Gymnastics (or 'GfA') and Competitive & Performance Gymnastics.

Recreational Gymnastics - Gymnastic for All

Recreational Gymnastics 3

From aged 4 to teenagers, we have a class or program for you! Our recreational programs provide opportunities for everyone, regardless of ability or experience.


  • GfA Core Gymnastics Academy… for gymnasts aged 5 - 14 years (there is also an introductory class for Rising 5’s)
  • GfA - Intermediate & Advanced for gymnasts who have completed the Core Academy program or those aged 12+ with suitable existing skills or experience.  You can choose to come once a week or more, develop general gymnastics skills or even focus on one area/discipline.  Some GfA programs may also be geared toward competitions at GfA events in the Region.

Competitive & Performance Gymnastics

Comp & Performance 2

Alton GC have built a strong reputation for competitive and performance gymnastics at County and Regional level. We follow the National Development Plan in Women’s Artistic and Acrobatic Gymnastics, developing a high standard across the board.  Alton Gymnasts enjoy success at Grading events as well as local friendly competitions, and many of our gymnasts have qualified for and competed at Regional Finals.  Our Development program is open to gymnasts aged 6* to 9 years in order to equip them with the specific skills needed to move on to competitive gymnastics.

Leadership Academy

MY Leadership Academy 2

From aged 11 budding sports leaders can join our Leadership academy and follow a structured program at their own pace under the guidance of our fully qualified coaches, existing Young Yeaders, Captains and Mentors. this graphic up-to-date?  If not, please let us know!