Women’s Artistic Grades Invitational 2018

Grades invitational 2017

Welcome to the event page for Alton Gymnastics Club’s Artistic Grades Invitational 2018.

BASIC TIMETABLE 21st January 2018


Registration: 8.15am

Presentation: 10.40am



Presentation: 12.50pm


Registration: 11.45am

Presentation: 3.00pm

ROUND 4 - GRADES 3,2,1

Registration: 2.00pm

Presentation: 4.55pm

We will post the Timetables for the event on this page when they are ready, however we will not post Start-Lists containing gymnasts names.  Please see the information sent via email for Start-Lists.

This years Grades Invitational (previously named 'Practice Grades’) will be held on Sunday 21st January 2018.  The closing date for Entries and payment is December 15th.  Late entries will NOT be accepted.

Payments by BACS only please (details given in invitation email)

Entry Fee: £15 per Gymnast


Our Grades invitational is an event we hold every year in advance of the County Grades.  The aim is to give the Gymnasts a chance to perform their routines in a slightly less formal competitive environment in order to prepare them for the County Event.  It is also an opportunity for Coaches, gymnasts and judges to review the gymnasts work and highlight any alterations or improvements that can be made before the County Grades.  Some clubs use this competition as a determinor for who they will enter into the Coutny Grades Competition.

It is important to recognise that whilst some gymnasts may be working toward the Grades, not all will be ready at this stage to take their routines to a County event.  This may include gymnasts who have only been training for a short amount of time comparitively or who have only a little experience of competitive gymnastics training.  This year we are continuing the 2 Tier system for Grades 6 and 5 at our Invitational Competition.


  • Grade 7: (Modified Grade 6 For Gymnasts who are too young to enter Grade 6 in 2018 see below for details)
  • (Generic) Grade 6 LOCAL TIER
  • (Generic) Grade 5 LOCAL TIER
  • (Generic) Grade 6 COUNTY TIER
  • (Generic) Grade 5 COUNTY TIER
  • (Regional) Grade 4 (Women’s Artistic)
  • (Regional) Grade 3 (Women’s Artistic)
  • (Regional) Grade 2 (Women’s Artistic)
  • (Regional) Grade 1 (Women’s Artistic)

With the exception of Grade 7, ALL competitions will be based on the NDP Grades and gymnasts will compete in all 5 events:

  • - Floor routine to music (maximum 1 minute 30 seconds)
  • - Beam routine (maximum 1 minute 30 seconds)
  • - Bar routine
  • - Vault
  • - Range & Conditioning

* At Grades 6 and 5 there will be 2 Tiers of competition: Local Tier and County Tier

To qualify for the Local Tier, gymnasts must meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

 - The gymnast trains less than 6 hours per week

 - The gymnast has been in a competitive/development program for less than 8 months and trains no more than 6 hours per week

 - The gymnast is 3 or more years older than the minimum age for the Grade.

We rely on coaches discretion in deciding which tier to enter each Grade 6 and 5 gymnast.

Grade 7 modifications

Grade 7 gymnasts will perform the grade 6 skills in routines with the following modifications…

Floor: No music, skills performed on a strip of mats 2m by 12m

Vault: The height of the platform will be 50cm

All other elements will be the same as the Grade 6


Please note that we do not have a sprung floor. However, we have a selection of air floors that can be placed on the floor along one side or diagonally for the duration of the routine (it is recommended that clubs choose one position for all their gymnasts).

We also have 2 small power pods that can be used for single somersaults on the floor as well as 5-10cm landing mats which will be also allowed for this competition.

The vault is a Tarpan Vaulting Table with a Turbo Springboard (continental) with or without the second set of rubber bungs.  There are two boards available as the bungs must not be removed during the competition.  Please feel free to bring your own board if you have a preference.


It is a requirement that all clubs competing provide at least one qualified judge and ideally an additional judge (who can be experienced in teh discipline but not necesarily qualified).  Unfortunately we cannot accept entries from clubs who cannot provide at least one judge.