MK Springers Acrobatic Open 26th June 2016


If you have been invited to take part in the MK Springers Acrobaic Open Competition on 26th June 2016 you are in the right place!

CLICK HERE to register for this event


All Competition fees MUST be recieved by the Registration Deadline as well

Please submit your fees by Direct Transfer using the reference GYMNAST ID (4 digits) followed by the code MK16

SILVER COMPETITVE MEMBERSHIP is Required for this competition.  Those who have the Bronze membership are required to submit the upgrade fee of £24 in a separate payment by the same deadline.  Please check your emails to find out if you need to pay this upgrade fee. To pay by BACS please use the reference GYMNAST ID (4 digits) followed by the code AM1516.

Cheques should be made out to Alton Gymnastics Club and clearly labelled.

Event Details:

DATE: 26th June 2016

VENUE: MK Springers Gymnastic Club, 16 Carters Lane, Kiln Farm, MK11 3ER

TIME: Registration times will be given to participants when the Host Club publishes them.

FORMAT: Gymnasts will be competing as part of a Pair, Trio or 6’s Acrobatic Group performing a floor routine to music.

FEES: £15 per gymnast

COMMITMENT: Gymnasts should attend all training sessions made available to them between registration*** and the event (with reasonable exceptions: pre-planned family holidays, school trips and illness)

QUALIFICATION / FINALS: This is a friendly, stand alone competition and there are no qualifications for finals.  However, we will use the gymnasts performance at this event to help plan the next step for each of them and to help inform the decision about which pairs and groupings will go forward to train toward the Regional Championships in November.

Other information:

  • Transport to and from the event is the responsibility of the parents.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring the correct uniform is worn (and purchased in advance if necessary)
  • Refunds on Event fees will not be given if a gymnast withdraws or is withdrawn due to lack of attendence at training which leads to unreadiness for the event or a disadvantage to other team members.  (For withdrawal for other reasons, refund can only be given in exceptional circumstances.)
  • Participation in any public event may result in photographs/video being taken of my child.  With gymnastics events, these may be used for celebration or promotional purposes within the guidelines set out in the British Gymnastics Child Protection Policy.  (Please refer to British Gymnastics Website for full details)

Uniform: Uniform is important for Acrobatics as ALL MEMBERS of the Group must wear matching or completmentary attire.  The choice of leotard will come down to personal taste, style of the music and mood of the routine as well as cost considerations.

Parents of ALL members of the group should discuss the groups uniform for the event and agree on the best option.  If you have any problems with this your coach will be happy to advise.  It is the responsibility of parents to ensure their gymnasts are kitted out appropriately for the event, however ALL FINAL SELECTIONS SHOULD BE APPROVED BY YOUR COACH BEFORE YOU MAKE THE PURCHASE!

Please also remember to allow enough time for delivery and trying on of leotards before the event.

You do not necesarily have to spend a fortune to create a smart and effective look - it is down to individual preference but there are many reasonably priced leotards out there and sometimes a plain one actually looks pretty good!  One of our Artistic mums is handy at placing diamante designs on leotards and may be willing to help add some sparkle - if you would like to know more about this, please ask Jo.

Here are some links to leotard manufacturers we have used in the past:

TRACKSUITS: For Acrobatic competitions, gymnasts should all wear a Club Tracksuit.  We are aware that not all members of the team are able to buy one at the moment as the manufacturers have discontinued the line.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CLUB TRACKSUIT AND DON’T KNOW ANYONE YOU CAN BORROW ONE FROM, PLEASE LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Hair: Gymnasts hair style for the event should be as similar as possible.  Hair should be secured in a tight bun or short ponytail but other elements are up to the group themselves.  Braids, twists etc. can add a bit of fun and interest so feel free to use your imagination!  The most important thing is that the hair is secure and neat with no fly aways and it must not fall below the nape of the neck (it is because of this rule we generally go for the bun).  Take care when choosing the position and size of the bun for rouwines where BASES have to lie on the floor for balances.

Any hair decorations must be soft or flat or they will be classed as jewelery which is prohibited.  A scrunchy and a bit of glitter spray is a safe choice!


Gymnasts should wear plain white trainer socks.

Absolutely NO jewellery

Make up is a personal choice - a little light make up to bring out natural features and highlight facial expressions during the routine is acceptable but not if it will cause irritation or disctraction for the gymnasts - usually younger gymnasts do not wear make up for competition as they are not used to it.

PLEASE ensure gymnasts have a bag with all the things they will need in it for the competition.  This includes essentials such as a drink but also any extra hair things etc. they may need.