The 2017 Club Championships will be held on Sunday 10th December.  Entry for this event has now closed.


SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER!!!  Our Club events wouldn’t be possible without the teams of amazing volunteers who sign up to help out… If you want to be part of the team for this years Club Championships please CLICK HERE for more details.

This fun and relaxed event provides an opportunity for gymnasts aged 6 years and above from ALL programs and classes to compete for medals in a variety of categories.

To enter the competition you will need to download the rules, complete and return the Entry Form for your program.  The rules and Entry form for each program are in the same file to make sure you get everything you need.

This year, the form this year MUST be recieved in paper format - there will be a few spares at the classes for anyone who does not have a printer.  (we cannot accept email entries etc.).  We are doing it this way to ensure that everyone has downloaded and seen the rules/routines before entering.

Practice Session 3rd December!

We are offereing an extra Practise session for anyone that wants to get some additional tips and practise for the Club Championships.  So, if you have entered and would like to do this session, just turn up a the correct time on Sunday 3rd December (£1 donation to attend)

Stage 1 & Stage 2: 9am - 10.30am

Stage 3 & Stage 4: 10.15am - 11.45am

GfA Intermediate / Advanced / Mixed & Squads: 11.30am - 1pm

(Blue-Day Squads will be training as per normal)


BEFORE YOU ENTER please check the rules for your Program... 

CC CA Thumbnail 2017

Core Academy (Stages 1,2,3 & 4*) - Floor & Vault/Rebound events (gymnasts enter both).  There are Set Routines for each stage.  You will need to be able to perform all or most of the skills in the set routine and be able to learn the order of the routine at home.  Click the graphic on the left to see the full Rules and entry form.

To watch the video demonstrations of the routines CLICK HERE

*Stage 4 gymnasts also have the option of entering the GfA Intermediate, Advanced & Mixed event if they prefer...

CC ADVINTMIX Thumbnail 2017

GfA Intermediate, Advanced & Mixed - Choose from a list of skills to put into your routine making sure you choose from the categories listed in the rules.  You have to choose the skills yourself and then have your coach check them over for you.  You will need to be able to put the routine together yourself (i.e. decide the order and where on the mat you will do each skill).  You must also choose at least one other event to enter. Stage 4 Gymnasts may enter this competition instead of the Set Routine even if they wish to.  Click the graphic on the left to see the full Rules and entry form. TIP: Print the last 6 pages in landscape for the best view!

Gymnasts are encouraged to bring in their print out of the rules and tariff sheets asap so that coaches can help them choose the appropraite category and skills etc.

CC Dev Thumbnail 2017

Development Program - Some set elements and some elements to choose from. Enter at least 2 events.    Click the graphic on the left to see the full Rules and entry form.  Click the graphic on the left to see the full Rules and entry form.  

Development Gymnasts should bring their tarrif sheets etc. into training as soon as possible so that their coach can help them make their choices.

CC squad Thumbnail 2017

Squads - Must enter at least 2 events but can enter more if they wish.  Enter any events, regardless of your discipline.   Click the graphic on the left to see the full Rules and entry form.  Click the graphic on the left to see the full Rules and entry form.  TIP: Print the lasat 6 pages in landscape for the best view!

Squad Gymnasts may consult their coach on their choice of category and skills if they wish to and for clarification of the rules.  Routines themselves should be imagined and created by the gymnasts themselves with coaches on hand to advise.