Club Championships 2016

CC 2016

The 2016 Club Championships will be held on Sunday 4th December.  Entry for this event is now closed.

This fun and relaxed event provides an opportunitiy for gymnasts aged 6 years and above from ALL programs and classes to compete for medals in a variety of categories.              


Competition fees: Core Academy £10 per gymnast.  GFA, Development & Competitive & Performance Program £15 per gymnast

RULES: Scroll down for routines and rules for each program...

General Rules & Guidelines

Payment requests have now been sent out for this event - please check your email or Club Contact Account (Competition fees should be paid within 7 days)

Please make sure you download and read the rules for your particular program.

Parents are expected to support the children in preparing for the event by ensuring they have a copy of their rules/routines and help to learn the order of routines at home.  Please remember that some gymnastics skills should NOT be practiced at home but you can still help them to learn the order.

Parents should also ensure that gymnasts have the correct attire for the event and are brought to the competition ready to perform.  Information on Club Uniform is available under CLASSES and then under your program. 

Time will be offered in the 3 weeks leading up to the event for gymnasts to practice in class.  It is expected that they will have seen the routines on paper before then and have an idea of what they will be practising. 

Gymnasts must wear club uniform

NO jewelry is allowed to be worn

No Shoes / foot wear for the competition

Hair should be secured completely off the face.

Gymnasts must arrive promptly at their registration time

The event is expected to take place between 9am and 3pm with each category taking around 1 - 2 hours. Exact registration times will be published and sent out 2 weeks before the event at the latest.

This is a friendly and fun event which is open to all gymnasts aged 6+ regardless of stage or ability.   Gymnasts are grouped according to their program and where necessary by age in order to provide a fair and fun competition.  Parents are encouraged to read the Codes of Conduct for Parents and for Gymnasts to ensure appropriate conduct during the competition.

Our Club Championships are held at the end of the Autumn Term each year.  There are opportunities for all gymnasts in the club to compete and win medals.  To get involved, gymnasts must register by the deadline and collect or download the routines for their Stage or chosen event. For details, dates and deadlines please see the club calendar.